Can you solder a few components to a circuit board ?
Or maybe just put up with the ugly 'box-less' version ?

The price of the fully-boxed and tested version of the LynX-10 is near $200US.

If you have a little patience, and can solder a circuit board, then you can get the KIT for less than $75US even though you will still have to get your own enclosure for it or put up with the 'uglies'.

It is also available already assembled and tested, for about $150US, but if you don't like to solder, and don't mind putting the ugly board in a cigar box or something, then the $50 may better go towards some more X-10 modules.

Here is a picture of the LynX-10 KIT, already assembled. You can see that there aren't that many components, and that most are simple resistors etc. The CPU is even socketed so you can't burn it out with the soldering iron.

Almost half of the circuit card is a blank breadboard area which could be used for experiments with the LynX, but you would need your own firmware.

If you're thinking about building the kit, here's a Tutorial for you.

If you are building one already, you may find these pictures helpful.

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From above, Top = North. With some graphic help.
From the South West Showing capacitor polarity.
From the North West.Just for perspective.
Just the Connectors
LynX-10 KIT

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