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Ok, how about turning on the pool lights while I'm floating on a raft in the middle of the pool ?

(Please be advised that this is NOT for CP290 systems.)

Yup, XTension has a solution for this situation too !

X-10 makes a couple of devices which plug into a wall socket of convenience, and each has a small "antenna" attached.

These devices can receive wireless signals from a series of hand-held controllers which X-10 (also) makes. These vary from simple 2-button "keychain" units to ones that control 8 X-10 addresses, and even those which can control two whole house codes (32 units) !

X-10 anywhere
You will probably use these two more than any others.

X-10 anywhere

Pressing one of the buttons on these, sends a wireless command to another simple box from X-10 called a 'transceiver'....

X-10 anywhere
The transceiver converts the wireless commands into normal X-10 commands on the powerline. Thus other devices as well as XTension see the command.

Even from the pool.

You must remember to set the dial on the transceiver and the remote to the same house code

Now there are other ways to 'transceive' the wireless signals.
See the tutorial

The range of these wireless remotes is limited, so you may want to have more than one of these transceivers in your home. Other solutions for large homes are 'rabbit' like repeaters, and also are part of the X-10 product line.

But the point to remember, is that you can issue X-10 commands from a wireless hand-held controller just like the plug-in bedside controllers. From the point of view of XTension, they look the same.

You can use these commands to directly control lamps or appliances, or you can have XTension translate a single command into a series of responses. ( sometimes called a 'macro' ).

Macros are simply "Global Scripts" in the language of XTension, that are attached to real X-10 commands ( on or off ).

For example, you might reserve the A8 ON button to mean "Theater Mode". This command might draw the drapes, turn off certain lights, dim others, turn the TV on and even tell the VCR to PLAY.

This tutorial has been an introduction to simple home automation, and some basic functions of XTension. If you are interested in reading more, see the articles and technotes on the Ideas page, or maybe the button below for the next tutorial.

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