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Known Bugs with XTension
as of 4/29/2007

First is a list of all of the problems which have been proven to be a fault of XTension, without the involvement of other software.

Currently there are no reported events of crashes.

Here are some problems which are known to be caused by
Conflicts with other software on the Mac :

Apple's iTunes

Some users have reported that iTunes has trouble executing on a Mac with XTension.

There are a number of Cosmetic problems :

Control Panel disappears.

Sometimes, while XTension is in the background, and other apps are running, when you re-select XTension, the Control Panel is missing and cannot be called back from the 'Windows' menu.

The easiest way to get it back is to call up the "X-10 Controls" window, and then click it away (Done).

This appears to be more frequent on older MacOS's and less so on 8.6 and later? It is infrequent, and very difficult to catch and fix.

Multiple Scheduled Events Selected (highlighted)

You can just select the unit you want, and it alone will be selected.

This is an old problem, and although I've tried to fix it, it's remained a bugger.

Some folks have commented that this is a 'little' thing, and sometimes is a silly reminder
that XTension really has so few problems... :-)

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