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You are viewing an archive of the original XTension website.
All purchasing info and documentation is now available at: MacHomeAutomation.com

The latest OSX release supports over
20 different automation controllers !
(Any number of them !)

Download the Application

And do visit Mac Home Automation
where you can find the latest copies of X2Web, XTdb, and Video Pitcher !

Manual Only

This version will run in Lite mode until serialized.
You can create up to 5 units in the database.

Peek at some screen shots ?

And yes, you can BUY it NOW !

Here's the Classic Lite Version of XTension !

This version is fully functional,
with the following exception :

You can create only 5 units in the database.

If you already have the
Activehome (CM11), and the serial cable,
(like the one that comes with MouseHouse or Thinking Home),
then you will be able to immediately compare the features !

Download the Classic Lite package for the CM11. . . (1290K)
This package contains the Classic LITE version of XTension, an example system,
a complete manual, and some Mac system files which you might need.
Note that if you have an X-10 controller like the LynX, then you can
download the appropriate version below, and it will perform in the Lite mode.

Some Important Notes:

Unlike other less-robust home automation software,
XTension does not download to any of the supported interfaces.
You MUST keep the Macintosh running in order for XTension to function.

This is not a 'hobbled' version.
No version of XTension downloads to any controller.
Without XTension and the controller running,
your home automation system is a toy !

Be sure to join the XTension Discussion list. of avid and experienced
XTension users who can offer great advice!

See some screen shots of XTension

Upgrade your Classic XTension to the latest version !

If you came here from a web news site, HERE's the home page.

IF you are currently running any version before 3.0.6,
then please check out the 'migration' page.

Please also note that there is a $30 annual upgrade fee after the first year.

Download XTension 3.9.4 for CM11 (68k native) (290K)

Download XTension 3.9.4 for CM11 ( PPC native) (290K)

Download XTension 3.9.4 for LynX (68k native) (290K)

Download XTension 3.9.4 for LynX ( PPC native) (290K)

Download XTension 3.9.2 for the HIC "TW" (68k native) (290K)

Download XTension 3.9.2 for the HIC "TW" ( PPC native) (290K)


Lost them ? Here are the 'support' files : Icons, Manual, and System files

If your master diskette already is named XTension 2.0, you will not have a problem installing the latest version. IF you have not updated since version 1.6, then you will have to send Email to help(at)shed.com for instructions. Please indicate your serial number.

PLEASE ALWAYS make an archive copy of your old version, your XTension Database, and your Scripts and Views folders before starting up any new version.
For revision history, Click Here

Free Goodies from Sand Hill and others :

Here is a collection of apps and graphics which have been created by the dwarves at Sand Hill and other users of XTension who have been kind enough to share them with us.

There is often good documentation for these, but most are obvious. If you have any problems with these, please post to the discussion list so that we can help or correct the problem.

Robert Ladle's PawsPlot
Bob has done a great job with this plotting app that works very well with XTension.

Steve Fyfe's XTension Log file analyzer for XTension for OS X !
This application will search for keywords and allows you to specify start and stop times. Includes a readme file and sample script.

Steve Fyfe's XTension Log file analyzer !
This application will search for keywords and allows you to specify start and stop times. Includes a readme file and sample script.

Ag Primatic's OTPing This is a faceless background app that can help to monitor the status of your online connection (like a cable modem). See the discussion list archives from June 2003 regarding OTPing.

Sherlock Plug-in for XTension Discussion List Search through the XTension Discussion archives from November of 2007. Hosted by 'spud' at nothingness.org. Download it and drop the file "XTension List.src" on your System Folder to install it. Just make sure that it goes into the 'NEWS' folder of the 'Internet Search Sites' folder.
Only for Mac OS 8.5+ and Sherlock....

Chad Gard's plug-in for PALM-XTension integration.
This applet will send an event to XTension containing the name of the current event whenever an event starts. This can be used as a reminder, or written to the Log. For example, a keyword can be used to trigger a command to be sent to a VCR via a ZephIR.

Scot Marburger's solution to mixing audio signals !
This allows you to send the output of two different audio sources (like 'speak' commands or sounds from two Macs), into a single input on your stereo !

Doug Korn's FaceSpan interface applet.
FaceSpan is a system for creating your own 'graphic user interface' applications. Doug has written an example of how you might want to do it yourself. This example provides a GUI interface that is prettier than XTension, and shows how you can use FaceSpan.

Patrick Blaya has modified Steve's RB interface -- NOW FOR OSX !!

Patrick is on the 'list'.. and may be willing to offer help :-)

Steve's Real Basic interface to XTension -- Version 4

The XTension RB Interface Module provides an interface between XTension and an application written in REALBasic. The module provides 29 methods which can be called from a REALBasic program. This allows the program to interact with XTension, in a fashion similar to an AppleScript program, in order to control the Home Automation system. You must have both REALBasic (version 2 and above) and XTension in order to use this module. The XTension RB Interface Module is free to any XTension user -- use it, enhance it, and share your improvements with the rest of us.

Version 2 requires REALbasic version 2.x New in this version is the ability to send the commands to a copy of XTension which is running on another machine, and also to specify how long your program will wait for XTension to respond.

iTunes Remote Control
Mike offers a FAQ and scripts for controlling iTunes with XTension.

RAM disk Log mover
Doug K. has a script that can be used to move the daily log file out of the Logs folder to a hard disk located folder. This is very useful for those who run XTension in RAM disk. It prevents the size of the Log folder from getting too big.

Palm Pad label template
Marianne has made up a template for making neat labels for your wireless Palm-Pad controls. Requires FileMaker, and prints your choice of 8 or 16 labels.

Address Matrix plug-in
This is a neat plug-in which will generate an active 'matrix' view of all of your database units which have X-10 addresses. It can only be used with XTension versions 2.1.8 and later.

WeatherTracker plug-in
Here's a well crafted system from Jeffrey Laughter. It uses another web-based weather app, and can both read the forecast and send it to your pager.

Doug Korn's great system for 'sync'ing host and monitor copies of XTension.
This is a well thought out set of scripts and attachments which make it even simpler to synchronize the databases of two copies of XTension, and 'target' each to the other.

Have your Mac read the current weather!
(New version Aug, 2007)

This package is from Scott Norris, and includes a new application which can call up the weather in your area and you can even have it read to you !

For those with the 'ONE way' RCS thermostat.
For those with the 'TWO way' RCS thermostat.

Steve Fyfe put together these two packages. They both contain all of the software and plug-ins that you need to get started using the RCS remote controlled thermostats. Note that there are two different versions. According to the model that you have. There is also a 'readme' file describing the set up of the software.

A new powerfail recovery init from Greg Satz.
This little init will help you keep your Mac running after power fails. Specially for systems older than 7.5.

YoYo Watcher from Greg Satz-- watches your YoYo log file.
The YoYo Log Watcher will open Big Island's YoYo Caller-ID (http://www.big-island.com) log file looking for certain events. Currently it looks for new phone message and no more phone message log entries. When entries of these type are found, a user defined AppleScript can be invoked.

Scot Marburger's system to save all your XTension files.
How often do you backup your important XTension files ?

DBaudit version 3.0 -- Audits your 3.0+ XTension Database (35K)
DBaudit -- Audits your XTension Database (29K)
This program will tell you a lot about your database, as well as look for problems like duplicate names and addresses, broken links etc. The 3.0 version is for databases created by XTension version 3.0 and later.

ButtonPad -- A simple control panel (90K)
This program provides a simple window of 9 buttons. You create scripts and attach them to each button. In general, you use these to tell XTension to perform some script or macro, but can be used to control any AppleScriptable app.

XTControl -- Another simple control panel (66K)
Put this program in a folder with a copy of your XTension database. It provides a simple control panel with a pop down menu of all the units of your system. You can turn on/off, dim/bri any unit. For use on a 'monitor' Mac where you have a 'host' Mac on the network running XTension.

Overview -- A PICT file of 16x16 address matrix (5K)
Import this file as a View. It is a simple 16 x 16 matrix of House code by Unit numbers. Specially sized for use with 'minimized icons' only. Drag units from the Master List and position them in the proper spot. Remember that you can use the Arrow keys to scootch the icons one pixel at a time. The icons are 'hot', so you can view the whole system from this panel. You can also use it to help determine how many spare addresses you have left.

Talking Clock -- A script which will speak the current time. (5K)
Import this file using XTension 1.7. It will create only a script which can be called upon from other scripts etc., to announce the current time. This is a submission from Sean McMains.

Rain Gauge -- A Plug-In which monitors rainfall. (55K)
This Plug-In goes with the Technote TN.RainGauge and includes only functions and units which relate to the rain gauge. This assumes that you have a rain gauge which gives an X-10 command for every 1/100th inch of rain.

AlertUser -- A little display and logging app. (40K)
This app is meant to run on a Mac which via AppleTalk etc, receives messages from a 'Host' Mac running XTension. Other interesting things like it can execute scripts?

AutoGuest -- AppleScript addition for multiple Macs and XTension. (12K)
This package includes the AutoGuestInit scripting addition. This is useful when you have multiple Macs on your home network and need to avoid the normal "please log in" kinds of dialogs when you need to 'Tell' another Mac to do something, and you really aren't at home to enter the password etc..

OSAXPack 1.0 -- AppleScript additions from Sand Hill. (18K)
This is a group of scripting additions which Paul created and we are offering for free here. Please note that these are not supported products, but of course we want to know about problems.
ie: caveat emptor...

This includes:
CurrentTime - returns the current time in seconds since midnight 1/1/1904.
Delay - delay execution for a period of time (calls SystemTask while waiting)
LaunchApp - launch any app even on a remote machine.
MountServer - mount and unmount AppleShare volumes
SHESpeech - create and use multiple simultaneous speech channels
SysLog - write to a central log file (not for use within XTension)
TimedDialog - create dialogs that go away after a period of time

AppleScript at a glance -- A HyperCard stack (72K)
This is great for looking up AppleScript verb syntax and although some of the examples are great, some are disappointing. Still better than the manual.

OSAX for dealing with Mac serial ports. This OSAX has been modified and corrected by Greg Satz.(6K)
This is a collection of applescript verbs which allow you to create simple 'applets' to control serial devices. Set up an old MacPlus, connect one of the commercial 'weather stations' or data collection devices. Write an applet which gets data from the serial port, and then 'tells' XTension to do the processing, maybe on another Mac ? Just another 'hook' to un-supported serial devices.
If you would like to have the source for this OSAX, it's here :
Source of CTBpaul.(22K)

Copyright 2009, Sand Hill Engineering All rights reserved.

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Last modified: April 23, 2009
Michael Ferguson, help@shed.com