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Who is Sand Hill Engineering?

Since 1983 Sand Hill Engineering has specialized in the design and development of multi-point communications hardware and software for the communications and automation industry.

Sand Hill first demonstrated a commercial dial-in AppleTalk bridge in 1985. We were also the first with a cross-platform Mac-PC multipoint video conferencing bridge. We have also developed many Mac utilities and developer tools (MPW Enhancer), numerous freeware and shareware apps, and in July of 1996 we released the first serious application for home automation on the Macintosh.

Applications which incorporate our products range from printer/modem/port sharing and video conferencing to large scale robot networks. Our major customers include Computer Sciences Corp, Lockheed Martin Corp, Black Box Corp., Northern Telecom, NASA, US. Air Force, and the US Navy.

In 1996, Sand Hill entered the small/mid scale automation market by incorporating their experience in large scale automation and multipoint communications into software for the Macintosh for full-scale home and office applications.

If you haven't gotten the picture, we are and have always been
Macintosh chauvinists....

How to contact us:

Sand Hill Engineering
Snail Mail:P.O.Box 517
Geneva FL 32732

If you ever have problems with any of our products
Please contact Michael Ferguson michael@shed.com

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use this form to send them directly to us.

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