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What is XTension ?

In all forms, automation is best served by a single control and monitor 'console'. One place to come to review all events, to change preferences and schedules, and to coordinate actions of other programs or devices.

XTension is a carefully crafted application which gives you this 'window' on your home. Providing not only an encouraging place to come to create your first simple system, but later when you expand, a delightful surprise in its rich features.

Whether you are a dealer/installer, or a neophyte to home automation,
XTension is the software that you are ultimately going to want.

Home automation is here to stay. It is not just a rich man's toy.

It can save you money, time, aggravation, and even your life.

It will not be long after you start that you will become aware of the possibilities, and soon after that, you will be looking for features which are only available with XTension

There are many articles ideas and tutorials on this site to help you understand just why and how you do this, but in short, the only limitation is your imagination and the ideas that you can glean from this website and other home automation sources.

What you need to get started :

Or here is a pictorial of the pieces of this puzzle.

Where you should start on this journey :

More about XTension :

For those unfamiliar with X-10 or home automation, see this page for some help.

XTension is the first commercial application for the Macintosh that is explicitly written for automation and security.
Written in simple 'C' and Real Basic it is very efficient and quick.

By utilizing AppleScript as its intrinsic scripting language, XTension provides a database and AppleScript compliant verbs which bring a fantastic array of features to home and office automation. XTension is fully scriptable, attachable, and recordable.

Scripts written in AppleScript are attached to any unit and are executed in response to X-10 ON of OFF signals received, or as timed events. Scripts may be as simple or as complex as you wish.

Although X-10 compatible software has been available to the Mac for over ten years, the PC world has held sway over the two-way X-10 world. Now, with the use of XTension, Macintosh users can join the home automation community with a system for the rest of us.

XTension users create their own database of units and variables, import custom graphic views and icons, drag-and-drop items between windows, setup scheduled events, and create and assign scripts to database units.

This standard version of XTension lists from $89.95 for the Classic version to $149.95 for the OS X version. (some plugins extra)
Requires one X-10 two-way interface and serial or USB cable.

XTension supports many different powerline and RF interfaces:

See this page for a more complete list of XTension's features.

Want to try it out?
Go to the Downloads page to get a free Lite version and see for yourself.

Or just see some screen shots.
Here are several screen shots of XTension you can take a look at:

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