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Here is a web forum for Macintosh home automation !

( more than NINE YEARS of help now )

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Subject Matter appropriate for this list

Please note that the subject matter for this group should is limited to problems and ideas which are encountered while using XTension.

This includes problems or ideas for the use of XTension in any automation or process control application.

In reverse, this is not a forum for sales or marketing of products or services. It is not a forum for political or religious commentary or discussion. It is also not a forum for venting your anger or disdain. With rare exceptions, for over 7 years, this list has been one of the most helpful and courteous lists on the web.

Policy of Internet Courtesy :

Please be advised that this is a moderated group. Michael Ferguson will provide the necessary 'encouragement' to those who refuse to be courteous and tolerant.

You will not get spams, and flames are considered impolite. If you can't offer help, don't tell others how stupid they are to ask.

Facetious and cynical comments can be useful and humorous, but make sure that they are never deliberately unkind.

Although this is certainly the first place for you to come for help, it may be that there are faster ways of getting a frequently asked question.
For example, there are a lot of X-10 ideas for common X-10 problems and solutions.

But please, if you need help, please ask. Don't assume that your problem is unique and that you will be 'put off' as someone who is 'just confused'. If you are confused, it is our problem. Even if you just can't think of a way to do something.

Any questions of course can be sent directly to Michael Ferguson.

Also be advised (with one teensy exception*) that the list owner has never and will never use the email addresses of list members to send spam or otherwise un-requested mail. If you receive such mail and you suspect that it was the result of someone using the discussion list for commercial (spam) purposes, please contact michael@shed.com and we will put a stop to it.

Oh yes, whenever you wish to quit the group, just send a message with the word 'unsubscribe' in the subject. :-(

* Occasionally, we do send notices via the list about special bargains of X10 products. In that we do profit from these notices, they are technically 'spam'.

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