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How to Upgrade to version 3.0.6,
and quit worrying about PPC versus 68k native versions...

With versions of XTension previous to 3.0.6, there was a mis-match in the formats of the scheduled events, and it was not possible to simply move the database between different 'native' (68k vs PPC) versions.

With version 3.0.6, the database should now be compatible between 'native' versions.
You should be able to easily move your XTension database between your 'host' and 'monitor' Macs without a problem.
(The way it should have been all along...)

Only one little thing:

In all other cases, you should now be able to simply replace your old version of XTension with 3.0.6 (or later), and start it up...

Of course you will have to serialize the new version ...

Remember that if you want to employ the new 'choose icon' verbs for dynamically selecting unit icons, then you need the new XTension Icons file.

You will also want to download the new XTension Manual.

Get them here: Icons, Manual, and System files

If you have any trouble getting started, just email Michael at Sand Hill.

Copyright 2007, Sand Hill Engineering Inc. All rights reserved.

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Last modified: August 8, 2007
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