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X-10 DOES make devices for 220V/50hz systems!

Here is the link to the authorized list of European (etc) X-10 dealerships.

XTension works with most Euro products exactly like it works with the 110v versions, and we do try to make the technotes and articles so that this is irrelevant.

If you go to this site, you will find a map courtesy of Interpower Components, that shows what kind of socket patterns are used around the world.

Where to get 220v X-10 products :

It may be that there are some products which are not produced in 220v versions, however, there are several websites which offer help with the devices that exist, as well as ideas for converting some devices from 110 to 220v.

We have collected some of these sites for you (Verified on February 5, 2007) :

X-10 Europe Principal European X-10 site.
This site should always have links to the X-10 distributors all over Europe.

Australia Envious Technology
A new retail supplier of home automation and associated products

Australia Now, even at Dick Smith !!
Now you can buy the most common X-10 modules at fair prices !

Australia Digihouse
Digihouse provides all sorts of commercial lighting and automation solutions, including the Clipsal C-Bus lighting controls.

Australia EON3 is a distributor for Australia, NZ, and SE Asia.
Eon 3 says that they offer the widest range of home automation products in Australia. They even know about Macs !

Belgium IntelliHome
Offers European X-10 products and sells worldwide (not only in Belgium). They have modules with German type, French type and UK type plug available. They have a very fast delivery service! Within Europe they deliver within 1-2 business day(s)! Now they even offer FREE SHIPPING to countries of the European Union and -50% on shipping costs to all other countries! .

Outside Benelux Martek Electronics B.V.
Master distributor of X-10 products outside the Benelux..

Greece Finally a source of home automation products in Greece !

France A new X-10 source in France!
This company offers a wide range of X-10 devices, as well as many of the extra goodies ...

Italy Finally a source of home automation products in Italy !
This company offers a wide range of Domotica devices

Latvia ThinkSmart of Latvia
Offering Z-Wave and X10 products for the 220v world in Latvia !

Norway And now comes Norway ! (added 2008)
Lots of Z-wave and such, but dig for the 220v X10 stuff !!

Poland X-10 Expands into Poland
Here are pictures and descriptions of X-10 devices in Polish.

Spain Home Systems
X-10 in Spain since 1993

Spain Domodesk of Valencia
This website is now up and running.

Spain Domotica of Barcelona.
Spain is really getting into home automation !

Spain Super Inventos !
They say they have a large inventory and overnight shipping.

Sweden eHem
Sweden seems to be very active in home automation !

United Kingdom UK Automation Info site.
Forums, podcasts, new product info etc for 220v world.

United Kingdom ? Euro Automation sales site.
Very nice offerings for 220v world.

United Kingdom UK Automation.
A UK re-seller of X10 and other home automation technologies.

United Kingdom Let's Automate !
This new UK site is a source for products (prices too).

United Kingdom Laser Business Systems
LBS stocks a good range of 220-240V 50/60Hz X-10 products. UK product IDs and prices.

United Kingdom Maplin Electronics Group
New catalog shows good range of X-10 devices for the UK.

If you know of others which should be listed here,
Please let us know !

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