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A meeting of XTension users at the HAA show
February 2006

Although I've exhibited XTension twice before, it's pretty discouraging that there are just no Macintosh folks who normally come to the HAA show. This year I decided to just visit and meet with some of our XTension users.

Aside from visiting with friends, the show was a big disappointment. It was smaller than any previous year, and even the Big players either didn't show up or they were in much smaller booths. HAL for example in past years has had a very large booth, but this year were pushed into a little stall on the wall.

Although I met and chatted with Dave Rye of X-10, I don't remember seeing their booth at all. I figure they're spending all their time on the website sales...:-(

The highlight of the show for me was seeing the soon-to-be-released LynX interface which looks very much like the CM11, doesn't require the TW-523, and lists at $99.

Rick Zarr of Marrick here talks to Dave Carlisle and Bill Edwards about its merits:
new LynX

Of course, I can see rainbows in a cesspool, and was quite delighted to be able to chat and share a great lobster feast with four of our Florida XTension users!

Around the table:
Norm Argus
Mike Procise
at HAA99
Dave Carlisle
Bill Edwards

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